/ / Saint-Romain-EN-Gal: photo, description, (Saint-Romain-en-Gal)

Saint-Romain-EN-Gal: photo, description, (Saint-Romain-en-Gal)

Saint-Romain-EN-Gal - an old picturesque village on the South-East of France, the rhône - Alpes region. It is part of a large commune centre in the ancient town of Vienne. It is home to 1,700 people. The settlement stands on the river Rhone, opposite Vienne itself. 30 kilometers to the North is the international airport of Lyon.

In ancient times, Saint-Romain-EN-Gal was one of the major residential areas of the rich trading centre of Vienne, is considered one of the most influential cities of the Gallo-Roman era. In Medieval times on top of the hill was built a defensive fortification with the citadel and the Cathedral, and around them subsequently grew into a small town.

Of particular interest to the village broke out in the XIX century, when its territory was discovered an ancient mosaic. However, a full archaeological excavations were made only in 1967. It has been proven that the found ruins and artifacts are of special cultural-historical value, and because in 1988 this place was a Museum under the open sky. Presented floor mosaics, granite Roman roads, columns, ruins of houses, shopping malls and the Roman baths (Thermes). Facilities are dated I-III centuries ad. It should be noted immediately that there is a separate municipal archaeological Museum, which presents other artifacts of ancient culture.

Among the medieval buildings is allocated 3 churches, the oldest of which was built in the IX century, but now United with the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem of the fifteenth century. Also preserved the tomb of St. Ferreol and a small old bridge.

Saint-Romain-EN-Gal is located on the territory of the natural reserve du Pyla and is surprisingly steppe landscapes under protection of the state.