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Saint-Ceneri-Le-Gers: photo, description Saint-Ceneri-le-Gerei)

Saint-Ceneri-Le Gers - a beautiful old village on the North-West of France, located in the region of lower Normandy. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to only 150 people. Distance from the French capital city of Paris is about 200 kilometers. The settlement stands on the river Sarthe.

The area is named after the Italian Saint Ceneri hermit who settled here in the VII century. After his death the monastery was founded, destroyed by the Vikings in 903. This architectural complex is the Church of St. Ceneri, built in the IX century and completed in Romanesque style. Around her broken old cemetery with graves that belonged to another dynasty of the Merovingians.

In 1044 the land was ceded to William Le Gers, who built five years later his family castle at the top of the hill. In it these two so different people - early Christian Saint and medieval feudalism - the city got its name.

Already in the year 1060 the fortress survived its first siege - it unsuccessfully tried to take the future king of England, William the Conqueror. But after 28 years with this problem was able to handle his son, Robert.

During the hundred years war, the fortress of Le Gers resisted the attack of the British troops under the command of king Henry V. In any case, over the centuries, the castle remained only ruins and bones.

In addition to the main Cathedral in the city also stands a small chapel, also dedicated to St. Ceneri. This tiny squat structure was built in the XV century and is known for its miraculous Holy source.

Here are preserved many medieval stone houses and mansions, which gives the settlement a unique and unified architectural appearance. Moreover, Saint-Ceneri-Le-Gers is located in an amazingly beautiful area, nestled on the wooded slopes of the hill. And every year the town hosts a colourful festival of art, involving local artists.