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Saint-cirq-Lapopie: photos, description Saint-Cirq-Lapopie)

Saint-cirq-Lapopie is a commune in the Department Lo of the region MIDI - pyrénées. Its title is a reference to one of the aristocratic families - the family Lapopie, which owned the local castle and therefore had power over the whole village.

The castle was built by the representatives of that family in the IXth century, then they sold the Chateau de Gourdon family, who rebuilt it in the spirit of the Renaissance. At the castle there were other eminent owners, and now his master from the end of XVIII century the family de Brakeland, which is not against their property inspected by tourists.

Another castle - Chateau Ingle was built in XI-XII centuries as fortifications. The territory of the commune in the Middle ages there was another fortress, which was built in the tenth century, and in the XVI, it was abandoned, and to our days it has remained only ruins.
Saint-cirq-Lapopie is called the city of artisans - there are many different workshops, and tourist trophy can be local products from copper and leather. The village is home to only about two hundred inhabitants.

The village has managed to preserve its medieval charm, which in the last century drew to Saint-cirq-Lapopie writer andré Breton, artists Henri Martin and Pierre Dora. House Dora, donated to the commune by his daughter, today is something of a center for the arts in which they live and work as artists, receiving support from the House of art Georges Pompidou. The municipality has even had its own art Museum, which was created in the twentieth century collector Joseph Reno. In the Museum collection presents artworks from various eras and countries, including countries in Asia, Africa and Oceania, ancient furniture.

The commune of Saint-cirq-Lapopie is on the list of most beautiful villages in France. It is located on the territory of the reserve du KOs Crecy. One of the neighbouring cities of Cahors.