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Saint-Suliac: photo, description, (Saint-Suliac)

Saint-Suliac is a picturesque old village on the North-West of France, Brittany region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to just under a thousand people. The nearest large village - Saint-Malo is only 10 kilometers.

Saint-Suliac is one of the few surviving fishing villages located at the mouth of the Rance river is a major transport artery in North-Western France.

The first settlements in this place date back to the Paleolithic era. During archeological excavations were found bones of mammoths, and also the first ancient artifacts, whose age exceeds 70 thousand years. However, there are also common and later the burial mounds and Neolithic times. Then your fortified Fort was founded here by the Romans. The first Christian building of the Abbey of St Lawrence came here in the year 560. The monastery has not survived, but many "modern" medieval houses were built on the foundations of the buildings of the VI century.

Interestingly, in the beginning of X century this place was chosen by the Vikings and established here a fortified camp, remnants of which still survive today. Already in 939 the Vikings left Brittany.

The first Church of Saint-Suliac was built in the XI century but it was rebuilt in the XIII century, giving the building the Romanesque decorative elements of the Gothic style. The temple, formerly part of the medieval fortress stands on the top of the hill. The Church is a rare for Breton architecture and a powerful bell tower.

Also, the city has preserved many stone mansions built in the XIV-XV century, a small chapel in 1894, and several mills. The very small village surrounded by vineyards, secluded beaches and salt marshes, which are protected by the state.