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St. Asnieres: photos, description (Sainte-Agnes)

The village of Saint-Asnieres has its own legends associated with the girl named Anna (Agnes). According to one of them, she was a Roman Princess who was hiding from a storm in one of the local caves, and then ordered to put the Church and to sanctify the name of his patroness - Saint Agnes. According to another legend, Anna was a local resident, fell in love with pirate and Saracen Harun and his love was so strong that for the sake of Anne's pirates adopted the Catholic faith.

Both legends give some more charm to the already charming medieval village, which is recognized as one of the highest and one of the most beautiful in France. In the municipality there are approximately 1,200 people. St. Asnieres located in the Alpes-Maritimes Department of the Provence - Alpes - côte d'azur. It stands near the sea, a few kilometers from Menton. The status of most beautiful the village of Saint-Asnieres has since 1997.

One of its attractions is Fort the first half of the twentieth century military fortification, named for defense Minister Andre Maginot, who in 30 years has initiated the construction of a defensive "Maginot Line" to protect France from German attack.

Fort St. Asnieres was built in 1932-1938 year and was one of the fortifications 400-kilometer-long defense system. Today all the parts of the Maginot Fort are open for visits, it is a Museum. Around the Fort was a garden in the medieval style. From observation decks on the St. Asnieres offers spectacular views of Menton and the coast.

More ancient landmark, St Asnieres are the ruins of the castle built in the XII century. Around this same time is the first mention of the village itself. The castle stood on a cliff and towered over the village until, until it was destroyed in the end of XVII century by order of Louis XIV. Along with the castle was half destroyed and the village.