/ / Sainte-Eulalie-d'olt: photo description (Sainte-Eulalie-d'olt)

Sainte-Eulalie-d'olt: photo description (Sainte-Eulalie-d'olt)

In a small Church of the village of Sainte-Eulalie-d'olt is stored an important Christian relic - the two needles of the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ. Fragments of a wreath, which was on the head of Jesus on the day of execution, are in this Church for as much as seven centuries, and the Church itself was built in the XI century and the first half of the last century was recognized as a monument of history. Every year in July the guests of the village can be seen how the relic is taken around the streets.

Municipality of Sainte-Eulalie-d'olt is located in Aveyron in the region MIDI - pyrénées. She is a member of the Association "Most beautiful villages of France" since 1986. In the village reside less than four hundred people. One of the neighbouring cities of Rodez.

Sainte-Eulalie-d'olt has the look of a medieval town, whose streets are narrow, winding and paved with stone. In addition to the old Church, in the village you can see the castle of the XV century historical monument, and the mill, which is one of the all Aveyron mills is equipped with a vertical wheel.

In the Aveyron with a Sainte-Eulalie-d'olt, are juxtaposed with other medieval or cities, or villages: Conques with its Abbey of the eleventh century, which also holds religious relics and has a rich Treasury, Laguiole - town fairs and artisans, Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, near which were discovered the site of ancient man, this town is also famous for cheese of the Roquefort. Many architectural sites of the medieval period are located in the towns of Souter-de-Rouergue and Villefranche-de-Rouergue.