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Saint-Aignan: photo, description, (Saint-Aignan)

The castle of Saint-Aignan is situated on the territory of the commune of the same name, on the banks of the cher river, in the Department of cher and the Loire. The castle was built on the site of a more ancient fortress, from the walls of which are still preserved some fragments.

The castle of Saint-Aignan was built in the XVI century, its appearance is fully consistent with the style of the French Renaissance. The oldest part of the castle is a tower Tour of the Agar. Currently, the castle belongs to the threads of the Dukes de Saint-Aignan who reside in it. For this reason, the access of visitors to premises of the castle closed, but you can see it from the outside while in the courtyard or on the terrace. This is a monumental and beautiful structure of white stone is recognized as one of the main attractions of the town of Saint-Aignan, located 40 kilometers from Blois.

The history of the town began in the IX-X centuries with the construction of these places first chapel, and then the castle built by the count of Blois. In the XI century, the city was built a collegiate Church, it was located above the crypt is the dungeon in the frescoes on the vaults and walls of which date back to X century. The Church can be easily recognized by the double bell tower. On one of the bell towers is visible the inscription "Liberty, equality, fraternity", made at the turn of XIX and XX centuries.

One of the famous natives of the town is Joseph-Paul Boncour - political "survivor", the statesman the times of the Third Republic, who led a variety of ministries, including defence, foreign Affairs, labour and social welfare and the Cabinet of Ministers. The house in which he was born, is also a landmark of Saint-Aignan.

However, the most popular attraction of the town is not recognized by medieval and Renaissance buildings, not the paternal house of a prominent politician and the local zoo - Built, with an area of almost 30 hectares. It was established as a bird Park, but gradually peopled, and the other inhabitants of the animal world.