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Saint-Florent-Le-vieil: photo, description Saint-Florent-le-Vieil)

Saint-Florent-Le-vieil is a small town located on the banks of the Loire, in the Department of Maine et Loire in the region Pays de La Loire. Its population is less than three thousand people.

In the history of France this town went through tragic events: in 1793 there happened one of the armed clashes between supporters of the monarchy and Republicans, which became the beginning of the Vendée uprising. In Saint-Florent uprising was led by Jacques Catelin, and in his honor named one of the streets of the town. About the events of the end of the XVIII century in Saint-Florent is reminiscent of the monument to General-royalist Charles de Bonano, one of the leaders of the Vendée uprising, which has teamed up with Jacques Catelin. Bonchan was mortally wounded during the battle at Cholet, his supporters vowed revenge for his him to execute five thousand captured Republicans. But dying Bohan told to spare them. The marble monument was executed by sculptor David d'angers in gratitude for the fact that General Bonsan saved the life of his father, the former among the captives.

Another attraction of the town is the Abbey of St. Florent with a Church built in the XVIII century. The monastery and the city itself was named after St. Florentia that in the V century lived in a solitary cell on the mountain of Mont-Glonn. For his disciples to come up across the hill from everywhere, a monastery was built. Holy Florence was known as a miracle worker and he lived to be 123 years old.

One of the local restaurants of Saint-Florent has become famous due to the fact that up to 2007 here on the weekends, dined Julien Grak - a native of Saint-Florent, a famous writer, winner of the Prix Goncourt, the author of the novels "the Castle Argol", "Dark handsome man", "the Coast of Sirte" and other works.

Annually in June-July in Saint-Florent, a festival of Oriental music.