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Saint-Flora: photos, description, (Saint-Floret)

Saint-Flora located in the Department of Puy-de-dôme of the Auvergne region and stands on the banks of the Couze Pavin river. She belongs to the pleiad of the most beautiful villages of France. The commune is located in the mountains and within the height difference is more than four hundred meters, if on one side the commune, the height above sea level of nearly 500 meters, on the other exceeds 900.

In the Middle ages the commune was on the pilgrimage way of St. James in Santiago de Compostela. In our days on the streets of Saint-Flora, you can see examples of ancient architecture religious, military and secular. The mixture of these architectural traditions can be considered a local castle. It was built in the XIII century, now it remained the main donjon tower, and formerly on the grounds of the castle there was the temple. The walls of one of the halls of the keep was decorated with frescoes of the legend of the knight Tristan and his beloved Isolde. In the fourteenth century, such images were about four dozen, and now there are only thirteen.

Medieval bridge in Saint-Flora also adjacent to the religious building - the chapel of the virgin Mary. The chapel contains painted statue of our lady, and the bridge miraculously survived during the Second world war: landing on a bomb accidentally exploded.

Near Saint-Flora is an old cemetery, a burial which produced the manner traditional for monks-hermits, who lived in the stony deserts. The graves were cut directly in rocks, in addition, the bones of the dead were moved to ossuary - building intended for storage of skeletal remains. Rock burial was made in the era of the Merovingians and the base of ossuary Dating back to I century BC.

Also near the village of mineral springs, the most famous of which is called "lion's Head". It was believed that water sources helped in the treatment of childhood diseases. According to local legend, if the wet linen of a sick child sticking briefly to the ceiling of the cave, which has a source, the baby was the chances of recovery.