/ / Saint-Chapelle: photo, description La Sainte Chapelle)

Saint-Chapelle: photo, description La Sainte Chapelle)

This chapel was built by order of St. Louis IX to store the relics - the crown of Thorns. The king bought the relic in Venice in 1239, where it was brought from Constantinople. The Creator of the chapel of Pierre de Montero decided to build two churches, one above the other, and they were both consecrated in 1248. The lower Church serves as a high base for the entire design, from her climb up the enormous Windows ending in pointed turrets.

The steep sloping roof is adorned with light and elegant marble balustrade, and this exquisite part of architecture crowned with a delicate soaring spire with a height of 75 meters. On both sides of the facade rise two towers with spires; in front is a portico, over which a large rose-window, Dating from the XV with scenes of the Apocalypse.

The lower Church, a small height of about 7 meters, consists of three naves, the main nave but compared to the side seems huge. Decorative arches in the shape of a trefoil, resting on graceful columns run along the walls. The apse in the depths of the Church has a polygonal shape. This part of the chapel was intended for the servants, while the sumptuous upper chapel, entrance to which was by a narrow spiral staircase, was visited by members of the Royal family and their courtiers.

At the top of the Church is one huge NEF with a width of 17 meters and a height of 20.5 metres. The Church surrounds the high plinth with marble tracery arcades, punctuated with deep niches. In the third Bay are two niches, destined for the king of his family. Each pilaster - statues of the apostles, Dating from the XIV century. Design as easy as possible in order to leave more space for the 15 huge stained glass Windows with a height of about 15 meters, which belong to the thirteenth century, and contain 1134 scenes and cover an area of about 600 square meters. Bright "flaming" colors to represent the biblical and Evangelical scenes.