/ / Sixt-fer-à-Cheval: photo description (Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval)

Sixt-fer-à-Cheval: photo description (Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval)

Municipality of Sixt-fer-à-Cheval is part of the ski region of Grand Massif and located in the Haute-Savoie Department of the rhône-Alpes region. The village is part of the national Association "Most beautiful villages of France". The number of permanent inhabitants is about eight hundred people.

Despite the fact that as a ski resort Sixt fer-à-Cheval is a small and modest within organized three resort - one children and two adult snowboarders, you have access to the pistes of different difficulty levels with total length of over 260 kilometers in addition to this village in the region of Grand Massif consists of several ski resorts that are linked by a network of lifts.

In the vicinity of the commune paved 32 kilometers of trails, basically increased complexity. To start athletes take six lifts. Active holidays here are not only area, but also excursions to the mountains and traditional Alpine fun - snowshoeing, and ice skating and sleigh rides pulled by dogs.

However, the most beautiful Sixt-fer-à-Cheval were found not in the surrounding mountainous landscape and the architectural heritage of the Church, preserved from the Sixtus Abbey, founded in the XII century, a monastery and several chapels. Only the bell in the possession of the commune there are as many as eighteen.

In one of the remaining buildings of the former Augustinian Abbey is now a Museum of natural history, much of which is dedicated to the local mountain tops. A significant part of the commune is a protected area - it is prohibited the movement of vehicles, but you can admire the waterfalls, canyons, mountain lakes and glaciers.