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Synagogue: photos, description (d Avignon Synagogue)

The building of the synagogue in Avignon has been preserved to our days in the reconstruction of 1846. To restore the synagogue had to be after the fire of 1845, which had lost many valuable items, including 42 scroll of the Torah.

At its present location in Avignon synagogue is from the year 1221, where she was transferred by order of the Bishop of the city. In the second half of the XVIII century was built a new building (the one that is subsequently destroyed by fire). After reconstruction, the synagogue acquired a neoclassical appearance.

The first written mention of the Avignon Jews refers to 1178. Under Louis XIII appeared in the new Jewish quarter. Until the middle of the XV century, the Christian population believed that the Jews contribute to the economic and commercial development of the city and demanded a more lenient attitude toward them. However, in the second half of the century the opinion of the citizens concerning the Jews has changed: the Italian war and the relocation of the papal residence in Rome, and the plague changed the lives of a mother in the worst way, and now they believed that all this trouble has been caused by the Jews. By decree of Pope Pius the Second for Jews were introduced a number of restrictions on trade and some other activities. Persecution continued up until the Jews were not expelled from the territory of the papal possessions in Italy and France. The Christians also spread the ban on communion with the Jews. Only in the late eighteenth century, few Jews were allowed to settle in Avignon. Their activities were limited within the Jewish quarter, were forbidden the study of the Talmud and the synagogue were the sermons of the Catholic priests. The great French revolution of 1789 equal rights of the Jews with the other citizens of the country.

In the synagogue there is a memorial plaque in memory of those Babylonian Jews who died during the First and Second world wars.

In addition to the synagogue, Avignon also located several Jewish organizations and educational institutions.