/ / Synagogue of Biarritz: photo, description Synagogue de Biarritz)

Synagogue of Biarritz: photo, description Synagogue de Biarritz)

Synagogue of the French city of Biarritz located in Pello. Since 1995 there is a continuous process of restoration of religious buildings, however in the summer of 2012, the synagogue opened to the public - both religious and touristic.

Should refer to the history of the spread of the Jewish Diaspora in the South of France. Many Jews fled from Spain and Portugal, settled in Bayonne, located 15 kilometers from Biarritz. By 1750 the population of this city in the quarter consisted of Jews - all of them lived 3,500.

As for the Biarritz, for a long time, this settlement had no impact - it was a simple fishing village. But already in the XIX century the town established itself as a Spa and seaside resort where the cream of society from all over Europe. Many Russian tycoons of Jewish origin have chosen this place and decided to stay here. In the census of 1898 revealed that Biarritz has about 300 Jews. Therefore, it was decided to build separate synagogue in the city. Its Grand opening was held on September 7, 1904. It should be noted that an honor of money for the construction was donated by the families of Russian Jews - Polyakov and Brodskii. For the construction were answered by the architect from neighboring Bayonne, who designed also the main casino of the city of Biarritz.

The building has a high triangular facade, the middle of which is a large circular rose window in the center of which depicted the main Jewish symbol - the star of David. The pediment of the portal of the building is also triangular. Above the entrance to the synagogue is a plaque engraved with a Hebrew passage from the Book of Leviticus.

Between the window and the gable is a graceful decoration, which are three small stained glass arched Windows supported by double columns. Furniture and sacred objects were transported from the synagogue in 1747, located in another nearby town - Perorate.