/ / Rock Gran des Sables: photos, description (Grain de sable)

Rock Gran des Sables: photos, description (Grain de sable)

Rock Gran des Sables is one of the natural attractions of the French island of Corsica. It is on all sides washed by the waves of the Mediterranean sea and is located close to the coastline of Bonifacio, founded in 830.

It is worth noting that this is the southernmost tip of the island, and in clear weather from the rocky peaks you can see the outlines of the other Islands - Sardinia, belonging to Italy already. The city itself has long been considered the most fortified settlements of the island, here are preserved many medieval buildings.

The rock itself Gran des Sables is 29 meters in height. It is interesting because it is completely separated from the rocky ridge that stretches along the coastline. This probably happened as a result of severe erosion. This is evident on its slopes, jagged in the course of centuries by the wind, waves and erosion. Interestingly that while it still represents a natural object that has regular shape and size. Geological composition of the rock is almost entirely composed of limestone.

Entertaining the origin of its name - translated from the Corsican dialect it sounds like "fat finger". Do in form, the rock is a bit like a finger sticking out of the sea surface waves.

A special look at the rock open with Market square, Bonifacio global city, located in the southeastern part of the Old town. Moreover, in addition to the rocks, Gran-des-Sables, you can even discern Pertusato Cape - the southern extremity of Corsica, located five kilometers from the city. Also past the rocks you can drive on a pleasure boat or yacht - this type of holiday is especially loved by tourists.