/ / The Park named after may 8, 1945: photos, description (Square du 8 mai 1945)

The Park named after may 8, 1945: photos, description (Square du 8 mai 1945)

The Park named after may 8, 1945 named after the date, which is worldwide considered to be the day the end of the Second world war. Public garden is situated in a privileged location on the Croisette, in the part that turns on the Cape Puan Croisette. Next begins the Boulevard Alexandre III, and the square lies directly on the shore of the Bay of Cannes and port Pierre Canto. Locals love to walk here.

Tourists visiting Puan Croisette, too, often look down here, especially families with children. Children's Playground in the Northern part of the Park includes slides, ropes for climbing, swings, and tired parents are benches.

But square is fine in itself. Until 1972 it was called the Rose garden, and many citizens on a habit continue to call it that way. Created in the sixties of the XX century, it has always been famous for its roses. And now all summer here it is possible to inhale their fragrance. In the Park palm trees, but most of the space given to the roses. All planned simply and effectively: wide beds with semi-circles converging to the center, also the semi-circles there are benches in the shade of the greenery-entwined pergolas, lawns framed by rocks.

In the center of the square, Recalling what it is dedicated, stands the cross of Lorraine. This cross with two crossbars, widely used of Anjou dynasty, during the Second world war became a symbol of the movement "Fighting France". After the war it naturally has become a symbol of the Gaullists, as Charles de Gaulle led the "Fighting France", which liberated the country from Nazi occupation and the Vichy regime. On the stele near the cross - a portrait of Charles de Gaulle and his years of birth and death.

The square fits right to the sea, hence good to see the masts of the yachts in the port of Cannes harbour and a panorama of mountains Strelsky.