/ / Alexander Nevsky Cathedral: photo, description La cathedrale Saint-Alexandre-Nevsky)

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral: photo, description La cathedrale Saint-Alexandre-Nevsky)

Paris St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, or the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, consecrated in 1861. He is the rightful place among the historic monuments of France and is an active Church, for fifteen centuries, uniting the Orthodox community of the nation's capital.

Orthodoxy in Paris marked the beginning of the Imperial decree of Alexander I on the creation of the Church Greco-Russian religion Russian mission (1816). Formed the Church of STS. the apostles Peter and Paul, soon could not accommodate the congregation. Since 1847 the rector of the Orthodox Church in Paris Archpriest Joseph Vassiliev begins work on creation of a new Church. Because of the Crimean war, in which France and Russia were opposed, the Russian government and the Holy Synod categorically denied the ascetic help. Vasiliev collects public donations. And only in 1856 the Emperor Alexander II grants permission to raise funds in Russia for the construction of the temple.

The temple project was designed by Professor of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts Roman Kuzmin, the construction was supervised by architect academician Ivan Strom. As a prototype of the Parisian Cathedral was chosen five-steeple Kolomna Church of the XVI century. They say approving the project, Napoleon III said that he is odd, original, but very beautiful.

For construction used hewn white stone. To decorate the interiors invited Russian artists: brothers of Evgraf Sorokin and Pavel, Fyodor Bronnikov. They painted the iconostasis, altar, arches, dome.

In 1930, Metropolitan Eulogius, whose office was a temple, for the criticism of the antireligious policy of the Soviet government was suspended from the Department or the Locum Tenens of the Moscow Patriarchal throne. After that, the diocese which includes the Church, was taken under the omophorion of the Ecumenical (Constantinople) Patriarch.

With the Cathedral associated with the names of many famous people. Here the funeral of Ivan Turgenev, Fyodor Chaliapin, Wassily Kandinsky, Anton Denikin, Andrei Tarkovsky. Here in 1918, was married to Pablo Picasso and dancer from Russia, Olga Khokhlova.

The choir of the Cathedral, consisting of Russian singers, not only to accompany Church services and gives concerts in France and other countries. Annually French radio broadcasts from the Church's Christmas and Easter worship services.