/ / The Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Dom: photos, description (Notre-Dame des Doms)

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Dom: photos, description (Notre-Dame des Doms)

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame-De-dôme is a part of the architectural ensemble, which also includes the Papal Palace and Pont d'avignon. The temple is located on top of a cliff, in the Northern part of Avignon, near the Papal Palace. This Catholic Cathedral was declared a national monument of France and is under UNESCO protection.

The history of the Cathedral up to the end unknown. According to one, it was built in the IV century, and later rebuilt in the Romanesque style and consecrated. On the other, the history of the Cathedral Notre Dame des doms dates back to around 1150 and later, in XIV-XVII centuries, was constructed side chapel. Such a long history of construction and reconstruction of the Cathedral and identified its unique, mixed Provencal-Romanesque style. During the French revolution, the Church was closed and one of its domes were removed and melted down for weapons for soldiers. However, in 1822 he was re-consecrated.

One of the features of this Cathedral is that the Western tower has a huge lead statue of the virgin Mary, weighing 4.5 tons, is covered with gold leaf.

In this temple one of the greatest artists frescato, a follower of the Sienese school, Simone Martini wrote "the virgin Mary surrounded by Angels and the Blessing of Christ." In the Cathedral is the tomb of Benedict XII, built in 1342-1345. Jean Lavenere. In another chapel is the mausoleum of Pope John XXII, a beautiful work of Gothic art, Dating from the XIV century.

In our time, this famous Cathedral serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Avignon.