/ / Notre Dame Cathedral: photos, description Notre Dame de Paris)

Notre Dame Cathedral: photos, description Notre Dame de Paris)

Notre Dame Cathedral - one of the most famous churches in the world, a remarkable monument of architecture, praised by poets, writers, artists.

Slender mass of the Cathedral on Ile de La Cité is visible from afar. When the Roman Emperor Constantine in the early fourth century acknowledged Christianity, here in the place of the former pagan temple came the Church of St. Stephen. In the middle of the XII century it could no longer accommodate the faithful. Under king Louis VII the Young and Bishop Maurice de Sully, it was decided on the construction of a Grand Cathedral.

The first stone was laid in 1163 in the presence of Pope Alexander III. It was a time of phenomena of modern Europe, turned to the sky, architectural styles - Gothic, and the Cathedral became its embodiment.

Construction lasted from 1163 at 1345. First built choirs and naves, the facade was begun in 1208, 1250 completed two huge front towers. With the growth of the Cathedral revealed a dangerous voltage in load-bearing walls in the XIV century around the nave and choir, built a huge flying buttresses that give the building an unusual appearance. Alterations lasted for centuries: in 1699 by order of Louis XIV was rebuilt, the choir, the cross bulkhead is replaced with a lace forged of iron.

Growing up in the heart of Paris, the Cathedral was enormous: 128 meters in length, 48 in width. It accommodates 9 thousand worshipers. The towers rise to a height of 69 meters, the spire - 90 meters. The building is decorated with a huge rose-window with a diameter of 13 meters. Portals richly decorated sculptures. Central, on the Western facade depicts the last judgment: the dead rise from their graves, the Archangel Michael weighs the souls, Satan is trying to stop him. On the Western side of the portal, dedicated to the virgin Mary, her death and assumption. Composition of the South side is dedicated to Saint Stephen, North - the childhood of Jesus. Consider them for hours. The Cathedral is also known chimeras and gargoyles looking down upon Paris. The gargoyles prosaic function: they serve as drains for rainwater.

The interior is famous for its stained-glass Windows with scenes from the life of patron Saint of Paris St. geneviève. In the chapels of the nave - thirteen gorgeous paintings of the XVII-XVIII centuries on the acts of the Holy apostles. The statue of the Madonna and child in the South-Eastern part of the transept is the middle of the XIV century.

In the XVI century the splendor of crushing the Huguenots, the French revolution in the XVIII century, turned the ransacked Cathedral to the temple of the Mind, and then in the warehouse. Again the Church was consecrated in 1802, there were crowned Napoleon. However, the building was dilapidated, we are talking about its demolition. In 1831 Victor Hugo published the novel "Notre Dame de Paris", which attracted common attention to the fate of the temple. Reached here, the tourists, in 1845, began the restoration of the Cathedral.

Notre Dame de Paris - the history of France: there was opened the first French Parliament, crowned and married the kings, rehabilitated Joan of Arc. On the day of Release then prayed de Gaulle, the nation was seen off by the great Frenchman on his last journey. From the end of XII century over Paris carried the peal of Cathedral bells - happy, sad and most ordinary days.


  • Location: 6, Place du Parvis Notre Dame, Paris.
  • Nearest metro stations: "Cité", "Saint-Michel", "Hôtel de Ville", "Châtelet".
  • Official website: http://www.notredamedeparis.fr
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08.00-18.45; Saturday and Sunday: 8.00-19.15. Visit the Treasury, and the towers on weekdays from 9.30 to 18.00, on Saturdays from 9.30 to 23.00, and on the last day of the week from 13.30 to 23.00. From October to March tourists allowed on the tower from 10.00 to 17.30.
  • Tickets: entry to the Basilica is free of charge. Tickets to the tower: adults € 9, youth 18-25 years old - 5 euros, children under 18 years stay free of charge. Tickets to the treasure: adults - 3€, youth 18-25 years old - 2 Euro, children up to 18 years - 1 Euro.