/ / The Cathedral Of St. Corentine: photos, description (Cathedrale Saint-Corentin de Quimper)

The Cathedral Of St. Corentine: photos, description (Cathedrale Saint-Corentin de Quimper)

The Cathedral in Quimper was consecrated by the name of St. Corentin, who is revered as one of the seven Holy founders of Brittany. And the Quimper Saint-Corentin Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in the territory of Brittany. The Cathedral in Quimper is also considered one of the highest of the Breton churches. The height of this structure from the bottom to the top of the spire is more than 80 meters.

The temple was built on the site of the Romanesque Church of earlier buildings. The construction of the Cathedral was begun in 1239 and continued for another two centuries, during which in the construction process, there were interruptions. The Church was consecrated, still unfinished, in 1287. The construction of the facade was completed only in the first third of the XV century, and the year of completion of all construction works is considered to be 1493.

After the French revolution, the Cathedral in Quimper was turned into a sanctuary of Supreme mind, but a few years later, in the early nineteenth century it was returned to the Catholic Church. Even after six decades, the Cathedral was declared a historical monument. At the end of the last century in the temple, restoration work began, which lasted until 2008.

Holy Corentin lived in the V century and was a hermit and a priest. He founded the monastery around which grew up the camper. For some time the city even wore a double name Quimper-Corentin, so was respected by the citizens of this Holy. With the Holy Correntina has several local legends. According to one of them, near a secluded cabin Corentin daily magically appeared fresh fish, which he ate. According to another legend, Corentin was found in the forest with the king Gradlon, and it was crucial for Camper meeting after it Corentin founded a monastery, which gave rise to a new settlement.