/ / The Cathedral of Saint-trophime photo, description Cathedrale Saint-Trophime)

The Cathedral of Saint-trophime photo, description Cathedrale Saint-Trophime)

Saint-trophime Cathedral and other ancient buildings of Arles is on the list of world heritage of UNESCO. This Cathedral is known for the fact that it crowned rulers and was the Royal marriage. In the XII and XIV centuries in the Cathedral of St. Trophimus was crowned on the throne of Burgundy Frederick Barbarossa (1178) and Charles IV in 1365). In the year 1400 here married the Duke of Anjou and titular king of Naples, Louis II and the daughter of the king of Aragon Yolanda.

The building, which is visible to modern travelers, was built in the XII century on the site of an earlier Christian temple, built in the V century and dedicated to Saint Stefan. The new Cathedral was consecrated by the name of Arles Trophimus - the first Bishop of Arles, was canonized after death. In the XII-XIV centuries when the Cathedral was a monastery, which up to the present day preserved only the inner courtyard and some buildings. In the XV century, the building was subjected to reconstruction.

During the great French revolution, the temple was not destroyed, like many other religious buildings, and was devoted to a new cult, led by revolutionaries saw the Supreme being. Later, the Church was returned to the Catholic Church and its decoration was lost during the years of the revolution, was restored by means of ecclesiastical objects, furniture and works of art, previously seized by the revolutionaries from other churches and cathedrals. In particular, in the temple you can see the tapestries of Aubusson with images of the virgin, paintings of the Flemish painter Louis Fenson (XVII century) with biblical scenes, there are also stored the sarcophagus of the early period of Christianity and other works of sacred art.

Among the ornaments of the temple, it is worth noting the sculptural scenes of the last judgment on the portal of the main entrance. It detailed the figures of Jesus Christ and the apostles, the righteous and the wicked, bound for heaven and hell, and saints, including Trophimus and Stephen.