/ / The Cathedral Saint-Gatien: photos, description (Cathedrale Saint-Gatien de Tours)

The Cathedral Saint-Gatien: photos, description (Cathedrale Saint-Gatien de Tours)

Many temples in France, built on the ruins of earlier churches, sometimes in the history of a Cathedral, one can count several such predecessors. Cathedral St-Gatien in tours was built on the remains of three churches - the first was built in IV century, the second in the VI century, and the third in the XII century. The first and third buildings were burned.

The construction of the Cathedral, which survived until our days, was initiated at the end of XII - beginning of XIII century. In the middle of the XIV century it was consecrated by name of St Gatien, the first Bishop of tours, who lived in the third century, though earlier churches, at least one of them bore the name of another Saint Mauritius.

Construction of the Cathedral lasted for several centuries, with a century it has been stalled because of the collapse of the partly built nave. The last in the ensemble of the Cathedral appeared North and South of the tower (in the first half of the XVI century). Construction was completed in 1547, and literally after fifteen years (the period is scanty, especially if compared with the centuries-old period of construction the Cathedral was looted during the religious wars. During the great French revolution, the Cathedral was converted into a temple of a new cult, a few years later he was returned to the Church, and in 1862 received the status of historical monument.

The appearance of the Cathedral there are elements of several architectural styles ranging from Romanesque and ending with Renaissance, you can also see the features of Gothic and flamboyant Gothic". Near the Cathedral is the Bishop's Palace, built in the XVIII century. Now it is a Museum of fine arts. In the complex of the Cathedral includes a cloister, or courtyard Pallett singers (XVI century).

Beautiful and majestic building of the Cathedral is decorated with stained glass Windows that were restored on the model of the stained glass Windows of the XIII century, several chapels were preserved the original medieval stained glass Windows. They are made in the form of medallions with mostly red and blue. The altar of the Cathedral was carved from a piece of rock. In the Cathedral is the tomb of children of Charles VIII and Anne de Bretagne, the headstone of which is highly artistic work of masters of the XVI century.