/ / Solesmes Abbey of St. Peter: photos, description Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes)

Solesmes Abbey of St. Peter: photos, description Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes)

Solesmes St. Peter's Abbey was one of the first was restored after the events of the French revolution. In the period of the revolution it was confiscated from the Church and sold to private individuals. In 30-th years of XIX century it was again offered for sale, but since a buyer is not found, the Abbey had to be demolished. Funds for the purchase of the monastery's buildings were gathered by the priest prosper, Geranie, which, together with several monks settled in the monastery and was able to restore it.

Currently, Solesmes Abbey is known as a major center for the study and revival of Gregorian chant, which also deals with music publishing, theological literature and religious periodicals. Music and music publications of the monastery is recognized worldwide as the reference. The Abbey belongs to the Benedictine order.

The Abbey was founded in the early XI century and is located a few kilometers from the city of sablé-sur-Sarthe Department in the pays de La Loire. The Abbey was rebuilt several times, and for the first time after the end of the hundred years war, during which the monastery was destroyed. In the sixteenth century were also rebuilt the monastic Church, and in XVIII - the whole of the monastery, which at that time joined the congregation of marystow.

After the restoration of the monastery Prosper, Geranie Solesmes monks with the approval of Pope Gregory XVI created the Solesmes congregation and restored several monasteries in France and one in Spain. Currently Solesmes congregation includes more than thirty male and female monasteries, located in Europe, Africa and North America.

In the 80-ies of the XIX-th and early twentieth centuries, the monks several times expelled from Solesmes Abbey, but every time I go back there again. Eventual return took place only in 1922. In 2010, the Abbey celebrated the millennial anniversary.