/ / Mediterranean Palace: photos, description Palais de la Mediterranee)

Mediterranean Palace: photos, description Palais de la Mediterranee)

Mediterranean Palace on the promenade des Anglais is not just a luxury hotel, a monument to a bygone era.

The impressive building with its facade in the art Deco style built in 1929. It was the product of the "roaring twenties". This term refers to the years after the First world war, when people came in, listened to the newfangled jazz, watching talkies, bought things and raise the economy. She soon collapsed, but during the "roaring twenties" France enjoyed life. In Paris, Picasso met with Dali, Hemingway decided to become a writer, on the radio sang Maurice Chevalier, and architecture flourished in the art Deco style.

In this style, the architects building, father and son, built a nice Mediterranean Palace. Then it was not a hotel but an entertainment center - it housed the casino, restaurants, theatre. The first visitors admired the reliefs of Antoine Sartorio (female figures and sea horses) on the facade, wide staircase in white marble lobby, huge stained glass Windows, decorated with precious wood, crystal chandeliers and, of course, views of the Bay of Angels. Gaming Palace, as it was called, attracted many thrill-seekers, and in local theatre performed by Edith Piaf.

However, the Palace was built at the very tail end of a carefree era. The crisis has sharply reduced the number of customers and the institution gradually, decade after decade, waned, until in 1978, the owners did not close it altogether. The interior sold out, gorgeous stained glass just broke. Hard to believe, but shiny on the promenade des Anglais, the poor building was in such poor condition until 1990, when it began to demolish. During the demolition of the damaged the facade, the year before officially classified historic monument. Closed boards the remains of the Palace stood still for eleven years.

Finally in 2001, renovations began, and in 2004 the Palace was opened again as a hotel (however, casino there too). From the old building leaving only the facade with its columns and reliefs, all the rest had been rebuilt in a modern spirit, and by current technologies. Now only the facade, originally written in new construction, it recalls the lively and cheerful the era when people thought that war and misery will be no more.