/ / Old stock Exchange: photos, description (Vieille Bourse)

Old stock Exchange: photos, description (Vieille Bourse)

Today on the territory of the Old exchange in Lille is the book market with numerous antiquarian shops and flower market. In the XVII-XIX centuries in 24 buildings comprising the complex of the Old exchange, housed the people, which today would be called entrepreneurs, and this building represented a kind of "slice" of the economic life of the city - here trade was conducted and deals were concluded.

The old Bourse was built in 1653 and functioned until 1910, while in Lille have not built the building of the chamber of Commerce. In 1921, the Old stock exchange was recognized as a historical monument. During restorations carried out in the XIX and XX centuries, walls were the coats of arms of the city companies, which took part in the restoration work.

The author of the project the Old exchange, architect Julien Dexter for the realization of his plan, chose Flemish style, which was built 24 buildings. They are located in the shape of a quadrangle and form a courtyard, which is accessed by four entrances. The yard is surrounded on all sides by covered galleries. In the form of exchange combines bright colors, typical of the Flemish architecture, and the abundance of decor, which includes sculptures and moldings. On the walls of the exchange, you can see the image of the cornucopia, the figures of Atlantes and caryatids, and the entrances to the building guarded by lions in relief. On the tower there is a figure of mercury - the patron of trade and symbol of the old exchange in Lille.

Currently, the courtyard of the Old exchange is also a venue for dance parties and jazz festivals. This three-story building is located between Piazza Grande and the Theatre.