/ / The old town of van: photos, description (Vieux Vannes)

The old town of van: photos, description (Vieux Vannes)

In the van, clearly visible boundary between the old, historic part of cities and new districts it passes through the wall of the fortress, which is very well preserved to the present day. These fortifications were built in the days of the Gauls and Romans, and then in the middle Ages they were strengthened and updated. The wall that surrounds the old part of the city, looks almost the same as in the XIV-XV centuries. The old town is completely pedestrian area.

The city, which in the I century BC was within these walls, was founded by the Gallic tribe of the Veneti called Delirium. Over time, this settlement became a major trading centre with an established marine and land communication with other cities of the Gauls.
Inside the fortified walls of the old van, there are several historical attractions. One of them is the Cathedral of St. Peter, which was built in the Gothic style from the XI to XVI century. The Cathedral keeps the relics of St. Vincent, who was a renowned preacher, after his death in the early fifteenth century, the Church became a place of mass pilgrimage to his remains. Currently, the Cathedral is one of the main attractions of van.

Another feature of the old van is a half-timbered house that was built in the XV-XVI centuries. Near one of these houses is the sculpture "van and his wife is one of the city symbols. One of the houses of the historic city also known as the old Laundry. The house is situated on the side of a moat, it features a curved shape of the building and the roof black.

It is also worth noting the gate in the fortress walls through which residents, travelers and merchants came to the town - gate of St. Vincent and the Prison gates.

In the old city also houses two of the Museum's archaeology and local history. The first is a building of the XV century Chateau-Gaillard and introduces the finds made by archaeologists in the lands of Brittany. The exhibits date from different eras.