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Old Gassin: photo description (Vieux Gassin)

Gassin is a picturesque old town on the South - East of France located in the Provence - Alpes - côte d'azur. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to more than 2,800 people.

The city stands on a cliff with a maximum which reaches a height of 324 meters. The settlement is located on the Peninsula of Saint-Tropez, close to the popular resorts of the French Riviera. Distance to the coast is about 4 kilometers.

The first settlements on the territory of the Sea appeared in dukelska times, there lived an ancient tribe of Ligurians. During the period of the Roman Empire, the town served as an important strategic object, guarding the Genoa Gulf and its coastal cities. The contemporary name of the city is Gassin (Gassin) is derived from his original name - Guardia Sinus.

During the Early middle Ages the city for a long time was captured by the Moors and only in the XI century became part of the fief of the large Marseille Abbey. Ancient city fortifications, including ramparts of that period have survived to this day. Still need to allocate 12 city gates around its centre and Dating back to XV-XVII century, with the oldest building was completed in 1422.

Among the other attractions worth noting the main city temple of the assumption of virgin Mary, built in 1558, and a small wooden chapel of virgin Mary of Consolation, located at the foot of the cliff on which stands the city. Some elements of the building of the city Council belong to 1584.

According to legend, Gassin is a real "magical" city, because of its long history it was never captured by enemy troops, and the fires and epidemics always avoided it. The town is also famous for being born here outstanding French actress Emmanuel Bear and Sarah Biasini, as well as famous footballer David Ginola.

Due to its picturesque scenery and the narrow medieval streets that are lovely hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops, Gassin enjoys wide popularity among tourists.