/ / The old town of Grimaud: photo description (Vieux Grimaud)

The old town of Grimaud: photo description (Vieux Grimaud)

Port Grimaud, located in the var Department, consists of two parts: the old medieval and new.

The old streets of Grimaud is located on the place where the village was founded on the slopes of the hill, top of which are clearly visible the valley and the Mediterranean coast. The unique look of old Grimaud create the little house and a small terrace to explore the surrounding area.

The center of the old part of Grimaud is the square, which adorns the fountain of the XVIII century. Local attractions also include Church of St. Michael, built in the Romanesque style, the old aqueduct, the people received the name "bridge of the fairies". One of the most ancient buildings in the old part of Grimaud is the castle of the XI century, which belonged to the family Grimaldi and well-preserved to our days.

Medieval Grimaud is adjacent very close to port Grimaud - the new part, built on stilts on the coastal wetlands. The new district appeared in 60-ies of the last century thanks to the bold ideas of the architect françois Spoerri, who figured out how to combine yacht marinas and homes. Half a century later Port Grimaud is one of the largest yacht marinas on the French Riviera and can accommodate up to two thousand miracles.

If the old part of Grimaud recognize the place full of medieval charm, then Port Grimaud received the unofficial status of "Venice in Provence" and it is the official recognition as a heritage of the twentieth century.