/ / Old town Quimper: photo description (Le vieux Quimper)

Old town Quimper: photo description (Le vieux Quimper)

Breton Quimper was formed around the monastery, founded in the V century Holy Corentino. The founder of the city was the king Gradlon and Corentin was his spiritual mentor. Corentin also revered as one of the seven Holy founders of Brittany.

The historic centre is located between the rivers Steyr and Ode, which gave name to the settlement. "Kemper" in Breton means "confluence of rivers". The old part of the city are several pedestrian streets and squares, on which the main city attractions, many historic mansions, including half-timbered, many cafes in which to bake the traditional Breton pancakes, and souvenir shops selling local pottery, hand-painted.

The main street of the old town is Rue Kereon, and the main square - the square in front of the Cathedral. Other streets that were named after saints Catherine, Francois and Matthew, was built in the XV-XVII centuries half-timbered and stone buildings. Interesting mansions can be seen on the street of Gentlemen.

The old town starts right behind the Cathedral St. Corentin is one of the oldest and tallest churches of Brittany, it was constructed from the XII to the end of the XV century. In front of the Cathedral there is a small secret, however, is invisible from the outside, if not know him. The building of the Cathedral slightly curved: the chancel is located at a slight angle to the aisle, this miscalculation when the building was revealed already in the process of construction. Between the spires of the Western facade of the Cathedral in the XIX century was installed a statue of king Gradlon on horseback.

In front of the Cathedral from its North side is the city Museum of fine arts. To experience Breton painting should go there. Also the Museum presents a rich collection of European painting. Another interesting Museum in Quimper is dedicated to the history of Brittany and is located in the Episcopal Palace of the XVI century on the street of the king Gradlon.