/ / Nice old town: photo description (Vieille ville)

Nice old town: photo description (Vieille ville)

Old town - the old part of nice, which is easy to get lost. The chaotic maze of streets, old houses, around - restaurants, shops, galleries, artists.

Wander through the Old town on foot: many of the narrow streets the car will not pass, and the bike will have to carry the stone stairs. But tourists can explore the triangle, bounded to the East by the Castle hill with the South waterfront This Is Uni, from the West, the promenade du paillon, North - Piazza Garibaldi.

By the beginning of the XVII century, this small triangle under the protection of the citadel and was actually nice. Flowing from the Maritime Alps, the river paillon, which the washerwoman was washing the clothes, sometimes flooding the city. To the seventies of the last century, the wayward river, hid in the underground pipe, she stopped to separate the Old city from the new, sprawling arc along the Bay of Angels.

Old neighborhoods is not only an attraction for tourists. Nights local area converted into a café under the open sky, dancing here, a resident of Old nice bars of the window, hoping to drown out the music and multilingual voices. But in the morning he goes to the basket on the Cours Saleya market and drinks with friends and coffee in the bistro, looking around the silent street. Two lives, tourism and the usual, go hand in hand.

In the summer heat of the streets of Old nice merciful to tourists: the contrast of temperatures of the hot tiled roofs and narrow shaded streets sets in motion the air - there is always a cool breeze. That is why the citizens without the slightest hesitation hang over the Windows linen to dry. Colorful houses with green shutters look as if time stopped a few centuries ago. Nearby is an old small Baroque churches: the chapel of the blessed Trinity and the Holy shroud, the Church of St. James, the chapel of Mercy with its dazzling frescoes and gold leaf, the Church of St. Francis of Paola, standing in front of the Opera of nice.

Streets of the Old city so narrow that you can appreciate the beauty of buildings is sometimes difficult. Such is the fate of the Palace Lascaris on Rue Droite - to enjoy its beauty, you need to get inside, where tourists are waiting for the interiors in the style of the Italian Baroque and the Museum of musical instruments, the second in France according to the riches of the collection.

On the square Rossetti, in the heart of the Old city stands the magnificent Cathedral Sainte-réparate, the patron Saint of nice. In the III century fifteen year old girl from Palestinian Caesarea refused to renounce Christ and was beheaded, her soul in the form of a dove flew to the sky. The legend says that the Martyr's body was placed in the boat, which the angels with their breath were brought here, to the shore of the Bay of Angels.

Tourist point your feet at the abraded rocks, winding streets, climb the tower of Bellanda to cover the eye shining sea horizon, in languor sit down at a sidewalk cafe to enjoy local cakes Sokka with salt and black pepper. The cemetery on Castle hill will fly the bell ringing. The wind brings the breath of the Gulf is as fresh and clean as the breath of angels eighteen centuries ago.