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Old grass: photo description (Vieux Grasse)

The town of Grasse, located in the South of Provence, known as the "cradle" in the world of perfumery art. The first perfume destined to flavors of leather and products made from them, were created here. When the Paris-to-know "sniff" scented leather gloves, and the perfumers of Grasse began to receive orders and to create other flavors.

The old part of Grasse located around the area of er. In this area a variety of cafes, restaurants and shops, but they do not "kill" the spirit of the middle Ages, which still exists in the historical centre of the city.

One of the main attractions of the old town of Grasse Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Puy, whose construction began in the XII century. It is on the place du Petit-Puy. The exterior of the building of the Cathedral is quite concise, but inside it contains paintings of Peter Paul Rubens and Jean-honoré Fragonard, the relics of St. Honorata Kalatsova and on the XIX century. Near the Cathedral is the former watchtower and town hall. The building was also built in the XII century, and earlier it was the residence of bishops. In the courtyard of the town hall you can see the fountain.

Mansion on Mirabeau street, which today houses the Museum of art and history of Provence, was built in the XVIII century. Its official name is Dom clape-Kabri, but all in Grasse know that his mistress was the sister of count Mirabeau, a prominent politician of the French revolution. Of the original interiors of the mansion have been preserved, the kitchen, and the Museum collection includes many items that will help to create a picture of the life of the inhabitants of Provence.

The area of er is also a market here daily bring their goods florists and local farmers. The characteristic architectural feature of the ensemble of the square is called the arcades and facades of the XVIII century.