/ / The old bridge in Albi: photo description (Pont Vieux)

The old bridge in Albi: photo description (Pont Vieux)

The old bridge in Albi on the river tarn declared a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the main attractions of the city.

With his appearance in the XI century life Albi has changed - on the right Bank of the Tarna immediately began to build a new neighborhood, which became known as the suburb of Magdalene by name were there of the Church. Today this building is the oldest in France, the medieval bridge was built, which is used for its intended purpose. It is located in the historical centre of the city, near the Cathedral of Albi.

In the XI century bridge, whose length is greater than 150 meters, was built in just five years - from 1035 at 1040. The decision on its construction was taken a Council, composed of the Governor Albi Vicomte de Trencavel, high-ranking ecclesiastical officials of the city and nearby diotseziv. The owner of the structure was at first the Viscount, then they were the local bishops, then the bridge became the property of the city, which currently care for its preservation.

The river tarn in the Middle ages was one of the main commercial thoroughfares, so the bridge over it was an important means of communication between the left and right Bank. Tolls on the bridge were charged a fee. On one side of the bridge you can enter, breaking another drawbridge. And on the other side of the old bridge, stood the tower. On the bridge even settled homes, which were destroyed by a flood 1766.

The design of the bridge consists of six spans in the form of arches, are clad in red brick. The main material that was used in the construction of the stone. The length of the Central span exceeds 20 meters.

In Albi there is another remarkable bridge, called the New. Its design has five arches, it was built in 1868, but popularly known under the name "bridge 1944". In August 1944, on this bridge between French Resistance unit and a squad of Nazis there was a fight.