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Old port and waterfront: a photo, a description (Vieux Port)

The old port is the historic centre of Saint - Tropez, which at the dawn of its history was a small village of fishermen that developed around a small port. The port at this place was founded in ancient times. In the history of the resort played an important role not only actress Brigitte Bardot starring in the film "And God created woman", but the artist Paul Signac, who long before these shootings, in 1892, settled in Saint-Tropez attracted to the village of his colleagues in art. Its contribution to the emergence of fashion to this resort in the 60-ies made and the actor Louis de Funes, became a hero of the six films of the gendarme of Saint-Tropez. The town has preserved the building of the gendarmerie, against which love to be photographed by tourists.

The old port was completely destroyed during the Second world war, but after it has been completely restored and is now one of the symbols of Saint-Tropez. The port and the waterfront is always full of people - it is the place chosen by vacationers for their daily promenades and in some ways is the "vanity fair". The resort rest mostly wealthy people who want to show off their outfits and jewelry. Therefore, in the Old port of cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces, luxury boutiques, here are approaching a number of private yachts and excursion ships.

One of the attractions of the Old Port - a monument to Admiral de Suffren. Pierre-Andre de Suffren de Saint Tropez was born in Saint-Tropez, who lived in the eighteenth century and rose to high rank thanks to his victories in Western and Eastern India, in the Mediterranean sea, and during the war for independence of North American colonies.

Promenade Saint-Tropez is also famous as the place where you can admire the works of local artists. They constantly got an impromptu exhibition during which you can purchase paintings souvenir with views of Saint-Tropez.