/ / The old port La Rochelle: photo description (Vieux-Port de La Rochelle)

The old port La Rochelle: photo description (Vieux-Port de La Rochelle)

The old port was, perhaps, the most important part of the medieval La Rochelle. It was built by the Templars in the XII century, and after the marriage of Henry II to Eleanor of Aquitaine in the same century became an important trade port. In the era of the hundred years war, La Rochelle was an important strategic object, and then the city's port served the colonial interests of France. During the Second world war, the Bay of La Rochelle became a place where the Nazis built a bunker for submarines and was driven out of the city in may 1945.

Currently in La Rochelle there are a few ports: a deep-water, built at the end of the last century, the port of Minimes for tourist vessels. Old port continues to serve and takes the yachts and small fishing boats.

The terrestrial part of the Old port is a popular place for La Rochelle, which is concentrated, and many historical sights and numerous cafes and souvenir shops. The promenade, named in honor of Admiral Victor guy Duperre, overlooking the famous tower. They guard the entrance to the port (tower Lamp, Chain and St. Nicholas) and separates the Old port from residential areas (Grosse Horloge).

Tower Lamp, Chain and St. Nicholas is the preserved part of the medieval city fortifications, built in the XIV century. In the tower of St. Nicholas were the garrison, a Chain together with another (not preserved) tower by brought between them a chain blocked the entrance to the port. And Lamp, also called the tower of the Four Sergeants, served as a prison. Young sergeants were her prisoners, and was kept in the tower before going to the scaffold.

The tower of the Grosse-Horloge (Clock) is a former city gate, which began the residential streets of La Rochelle. It was built in the XII century and somewhat rebuilt in the XVII-m, by combining two passes for Hiking and carriage in one large arched doorway. At the top of the tower is a bell and clock. The bell tower was first established in the second half of the XV century and reconstructed in the middle of the XVIII-th.

The attractions in the Old port of La Rochelle have the status of world heritage of UNESCO.