/ / The old port of Marseille: photo description (Vieux Port)

The old port of Marseille: photo description (Vieux Port)

The old port is the first thing built in the VI century BC, who arrived on the shore of the Bay of the Greeks. Establishing a port on the site of the modern city, they formed a colony called Massalia", which eventually transformed into "Marseille".

Gradually, the area around the Old port was built up with industrial, residential and religious buildings. One of the first there was built the Abbey of St. Victor (V century). In X-XIII centuries on the shores of the Bay Lacydon appeared warehouses and shipyards, berth for military vessels in these areas began to settle, the port workers. In the thirteenth century, the Hospitallers built the fortress of St. John.

The period from XV to XVII century was marked by the emergence of many secular buildings, which later became the most important sights of Marseille. These include the mansion of Consul Louis de Cabra, "the Diamond house", whose facade is lined with stone, shaped like a cut diamond. Also worth noting is the town hall, the Baroque architecture, built in the image of the Genoese Palace, and Church of Saint-Laurent - even more ancient building (XII century), which served as the parish for the mariners.

Over time, the waters of the old port of Marseille failed to cope with the increasing traffic of freight and passenger Maritime transport. Therefore, in the XIX century not far from him began the construction of another port. Old and new ports of Marseille have been linked with Republic street. The new port was to serve all commercial flights, and the old one was reoriented to the service of pleasure boats, tourist ships and yachts.

During the Second world war, many buildings of Marseille, including the Old port area was destroyed, but after the war began the meticulous restoration of this area.

It is also worth mentioning the landmark and the Old port, fish market, open every day on the Belgian promenade.