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Old Rouen: photo description (Vieux Rouen)

Rouen was founded by the Gallic tribes at the dawn of its history was called Rotomagus. The size and importance it was the second Gallic settlement after Lugdunum (Lyon) and is located on the right Bank of the Seine. Currently this place is called Old town and new districts of Rouen, located on the left Bank.

The historical part is extended along the right Bank of the Seine and starts from the Church of Saint-Maclou and ends in the area of the Old market square, where stands the Church of St. Joan, was built in the second half of the twentieth century. In the Old town, the main historical buildings of Rouen, once the Cathedral of the mother of God, a Large clock tower and the street on which it stands. In the historical part of the building you can see many half-timbered houses, as wood and stone were the main building materials in medieval Rouen.

Church of Saint-Maclou was built in the XV-XVI centuries in the style of "flaming Gothic". Behind the Church is a cemetery, which was founded as a General plague burial. Until the XVII century Church of Saint-Maclou and its surroundings were pretty miserable place - except the cemetery, which also had stalls deathly craftsmen, decorated with appropriate decor of the profession, as well as schools for the poor. In the XVII century the cemetery was closed and the undertakers left their homes, and poor school was transformed into art College.

Rouen Cathedral, the burial place of the lion heart, Duke of Normandy Richard I - the beautiful and majestic Gothic structure, which was severely damaged during the Second world war. However, the Church survived and the tomb of the Duke, and the wonderful medieval stained glass Windows, and two main towers of the temple.

Old market square has gone down in history as the place of execution of Joan of Arc in 1431 - it is marked by a stone stele in the shape of a cross. Next to it was built the Church consecrated in the name of the Holy Jeanne. The square is a Museum dedicated to the life of the maid of Orleans.

Street of Gros-Horloge, the main pedestrian street of Rouen, on both sides are carefully restored houses from half-timbered houses, and across the street is a Large clock tower with an arched opening for pedestrians. The arches of the doorway - a real work of art. They are decorated with elegant, well-preserved bas-reliefs. At the top of the tower is a large clock, working from the end of XIV century.