/ / Statue of Liberty: photos, description Statue de la Liberte)

Statue of Liberty: photos, description Statue de la Liberte)

The Paris statue of Liberty, reduced four times copy American, stands on the narrow artificial dam on the Seine near the Eiffel tower - Swan island. The statue is perfectly visible from the Windows of the cars passing along the quays.

Sculpture - a return gift in 1899 the French from the USA. In 1886, the U.S. has accepted a gift from the people of France is famous for the giant statue adorning the entrance to the Harbor of new York. The author in both cases: the French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.

The original "American" statue was conceived as a gift of the French people to the friendly American people for the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of independence. France built the statue and brought her across the ocean, as the United States built for her rightful pedestal. The work was carried out on voluntary donations of citizens: France held lotteries in the United States - exhibitions, auctions and Boxing fights. To design powerful pedestal was attracted by Gustave Eiffel, the future author of the Eiffel tower.

Part 46-meter-high statue was brought to the United States the French military frigate "Isere" and assembled in four months. A gift for the anniversary of the country's independence was late for exactly ten years. But the sculpture has become a national symbol of the United States, are instantly recognizable.

In 1889, the United States made a present of France: in Paris had brought a small copy of the statue of Liberty with a height of 11.5 meters. Was put on Swan island to the West, in the direction of her older sister.

In addition to this copy, in Paris, there are three statue of Liberty smaller size. One exhibited at the Museum of arts and crafts - it is possible to get quite close and review all the details. The second stood in the Luxembourg gardens, but after the restoration he moved in 2012 to the Museum d'orsay. The need for restoration was triggered by the fact that the vandals stole the torch that Liberty holds in her right hand. Finally, on the bow of the barge Nina, moored close to the same of the Eiffel tower, is another small copy of the famous sculpture Bartholdi. Thus, in Paris - four of the statue of Liberty, not counting the one that is visible on the front of the restaurant "American bar" on the Boulevard des Capucines.

In addition, at the entrance of the bridge of Alma is the Flame of Liberty - a gilded copy of the element of the sculpture. The same Flames were placed in the courtyard of the U.S. Embassy in France.