/ / Strasbourg Cathedral: photos, description (Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg)

Strasbourg Cathedral: photos, description (Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg)

The Cathedral Notre Dame in Strasbourg is a beautiful and magnificent structure, which has long been considered the tallest building in Europe. The highest part of the Cathedral is the North tower height of 142 meters, the construction of which was completed in 1439. The title of the tallest building she kept until the end of the XIX century. The South tower of the Cathedral was never constructed, therefore, another distinctive feature of the already outstanding building is called the asymmetry.

The Cathedral was started in 1015. Scientists managed to establish that earlier on this place there was a Roman sanctuary. Construction began in the era of Romanesque architecture, so the earlier parts of the Cathedral are inherent to this style, while other parts of the typical Gothic style and an abundance of relief decoration. The construction of the Cathedral lasted for several centuries, in the process, there were interruptions caused by fire and death financed the work of Bishop (XI-XII century). As the main material used is red Sandstone from the Vosges. By the way, the Cathedral is recognized as one of the world's largest construction of this stone.

Among the architects of the Cathedral were Ulrich von Einsingen involved in the construction of the Ulm Cathedral. And the spire of the North tower was built in Cologne by the master Johann Holtzem - perhaps that is why in terms of the Strasbourg Cathedral there are similarities with the appearance of the Cathedral in Cologne.

Decoration of the Cathedral note the triple portal sculptures depicting Christian prophets and wise men. In the Cathedral are kept the font of the XV century, antique organ, tapestries, the Windows of the Cathedral with exquisite stained glass Windows. One of the main attractions of the Cathedral is called the astronomical clock. The first mechanism was constructed in the middle of the XIV century. In the first half of the XIX century watches was supplemented by the mechanism, which showed the orbit of the Earth and other known at the time of the planets.

The Cathedral is located on Cathedral square, in summer it becomes a member of a musical show.