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Theatre de La Ville: photo description (Theatre de la Ville)

Theatre de La Ville (City theater of Paris) is located at châtelet. This is one of the most prestigious stages of France, it is a leading dance theatre. Choreographers all over the world were honored to be invited and work here.

Created the theater during town-planning reforms of Baron Haussmann (1862) by award-winning architect Gabriel Davio - he designed and located opposite the "theatre-twin Shuttle. But the fate of the theatres were completely different.

If the Shuttle was famous for its adventurous productions, then his counterpart, received at first the name "lyric Theatre", staged operas by Gounod, Bizet, Berlioz, Verdi, Mozart. Here were the best Opera singers of the XIX century. All this magnificence was lost during the Paris commune, when the Communards burned the theater. From this blow he could not recover himself until, until in 1899 it was purchased by the great Sarah Bernhardt. Her name is inscribed on the pediment of the building, as if it had removed a curse: the hall was always crowded. Huge success accompanied Sarah Bernhardt in the plays of Dumas, especially in the role of Marguerite Gautier (the Lady of the camellias"). At the same stage actress with an amputated leg played sitting in a chair in a long dress, "Phaedra" Racine. She was at the time already 75 years old.

When in 1923 Sarah Bernhardt died, again the theatre has lost a creative impulse and after some time was closed. During the occupation, the Nazis removed the name of the actress, a Jewess from the building. After liberation, the theatre was officially named after Sarah Bernhardt - he wore it until 1968, when strongly changed roles and began to specialize in dance productions.

Since the municipal theatre is its current name and invariably brings in the masters of contemporary dance from around the world. Here he worked with avant-garde choreographers of the United States, Belgium, great Britain, Holland, the German contemporary dance of Pina Bausch. Here was born the popularity of the new French school of dance, associated with the names of Philip Decoufle, Jean-Claude Gallot, Elis Regina arena theater Shopin.

Today, the best choreographers of the world - Garry Stewart (Australia), EA Sola (Vietnam), Akram Khan (India) - a number of plays in the Paris temple dance that became one of the symbols of France.