/ / Theater de Posh: photos, description (Theatre de Poche-Montparnasse)

Theater de Posh: photos, description (Theatre de Poche-Montparnasse)

Theater de Posch ("Pocket") - the smallest theatre in Paris. It is located near Boulevard Montparnasse, in a narrow alley Robika. That there is theatre, you can guess just by the inscription on a blue canopy over the entrance - previously, there was located an ordinary café. Tiny room for sixty seats were here in 1942, today he was quite successful, and his story impressive.

1942 - the height of the Nazi occupation, but the theatrical life of Paris, though weakened, is not interrupted. Theatre de Ville puts the "Fly" Sartre - not-too-veiled pamphlet against the fascist dictatorship. National Opera theatre presents one-act ballet on motives of fables of La Fontaine, which sounds French music - a bold move for those days. The actors of the Paris theatres participated in the Resistance movement. Just at this time was born the Theatre de Posh.

The creation of such a chamber scene was unusual: until now, Paris was a city of huge halls. But the theater made a serious bid, hand in plays of Strindberg. And then came the actor, forever inscribed théâtre de Posh in the history of culture, Marcel Marceau.

He was born in 1923, at the age of sixteen came to the Resistance movement after his father burned in the crematorium of the concentration camp. Was the liaison, hiding from the Gestapo. After the war, studied, mastered MIME. Come up to the mask: bleached face, bright red mouth, a tear under big eyes. In this mask, MIME, BIP appeared before the audience in the théâtre de Posh in 1947. Sad, poignant, BIP stepped on the stage of the little theatre in the world - and conquered it.

In 1968, French actress of Russian descent, Tanya Balashova put here "Lady Macbeth" on motives of products of Chekhov. In the sixtieth years of the theater came a young actor, with whom Tanya Balashova will play in 1972 in the famous movie "the Tall blond man with one black Shoe" - it was Pierre Richard.

Over the past decade, a small theater staged Ionesco and Charles de Coster, Brecht and Kafka, authors of the great and unknown. In the bustling theatrical world of Paris in the theatre doesn't lose his face, he is always full.