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The comédie-française: photo description (Comedie-Francaise)

The comédie française is not only the most famous French theater, but also the country's only repertory theatre in state funding. It is located in the city centre, the Palais-Royal.

Stood at the origins of king Louis XIV. Inveterate theater-goer, he issued a decree, uniting two leading Parisian troupe at the Theatre of the French comedians", granting him the exclusive right to performances in Paris. The theatre has received financial support, and the superintendent who determined the repertoire and the troupe.

Court theatre represents the actors of the partnership ("société"). Income was divided into shares owed to members of the partnership ("societatem"). This structure was maintained at all times, except during the French revolution. Then, the Constituent Assembly was renamed the comédie française Theatre of the Nation and cancel all its privileges. The troupe immediately divided into royalist and Republican. The Republicans created the Theater of the Republic. The Jacobins arrested everyone remaining in the company and sentenced to the guillotine. Condemned to death was saved after the overthrow of Robespierre.

The creative life of the theatre was regulated in detail in the Charter approved by Napoleon during his seat in Moscow. Forty rules of the Charter demanded weekly meetings of the company, the duties of soliterov to play on stage every day without the right of refusal of the role. This structure persists to this day, except that soetero became more. Besides them, on the local stage to play guest starring, "the boarders". Each boarder seeks to acquire the status of societer - this transition thoroughly increases earnings.

The informal name of the theater is the House of Moliere: the great troupe of comedians played at the Palais Royal from 1661 to 1673. In the theater kept the chair in which the alleged Moliere died during a performance of "the Imaginary invalid" (in fact he died already at home).

On the stage of the Comedie Francaise played Sarah Bernhardt Jeanne Samary, Jean Marais. Traditions theatre include the continued observance of high drama, marked attention to speech and language. Today the comédie française is almost the only one in the world of classical theatre on a national scale, boldly going into creative experiments.