/ / Théâtre du châtelet: photo, description Theatre du Chatelet)

Théâtre du châtelet: photo, description Theatre du Chatelet)

The théâtre du châtelet is located in the square, which is called exactly the same - châtelet. The history of the name is not too associated with the arts: the theatre was built in 1862 on the site of the former prison. At first it was called the Imperial theatre circus, put there a cross between a spectacle and a circus performance.

Chatelet features the largest audience hall in Paris on 2300 places. It is believed, however, that while full house theater seats up to 3400 spectators. Architect Gabriel davoust built it from a rare scale: the scene has dimensions of 24 to 35 meters, under it and above it could easily fit three. In 1886, during a performance extravaganza "Cinderella" to the stage at the same time 676 artists. Due to the high glass dome here is a great acoustics.

At the Theatre du Chatelet sang Chaliapin, here was the soloist in "Afternoon rest of the Faun" Vaclav Nizhinsky here for the first time spoke Russian ballet of Sergei Diaghilev and the famous ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. Summer of the seventeenth year that the theatre was often young and still little-known Pablo Picasso: he fell in love with dancing in a scandalous ballet "Parade" Russian ballerina Olga Khokhlova, and she soon became the wife of the artist. Guillaume Apollinaire, describing the production of "Parade", first uttered the word "surrealism". Here, in châtelet, Nikolai Gumilev was prepared in collaboration with Diaghilev the production of the ballet the libretto - not happened that year it was restless in Europe, and Gumilev was waiting for Russia and shooting.

The théâtre du châtelet at all times was avant-garde and bold. Its unusual history and unique opportunities from time to time brought in the repertoire of a distinct adventure and even a touch of the fantastic. In 1905 there put the pilot show "journey to the moon" one of the founders of cinematography Georges Méliès. In the nineteenth century, it set the Jules Verne, and in the XXI - classic sci-Fi Thriller by David Cronenberg's "the Fly." Moreover, the conductor stood Placido Domingo himself.

The majestic building of the théâtre du châtelet in itself is worth a look, there is always a lot of tourists. But the main in the theater, of course, great classical music concerts that make up the core part of the program.