/ / Thermal Park: photos, description Parc floral des Thermes)

Thermal Park: photos, description Parc floral des Thermes)

AIX-Les-Bains was known for its thermal bath and even the Gauls and the Romans, however, the greatest prosperity in its history it has experienced in the XVIII-XIX centuries, when its his honored high-ranking noble and rich patients.

Mineral water of the resort, the heated warmth of the earth to a temperature of 45 degrees, has always been used in the treatment of diseases of ENT organs and oral diseases and is now used successfully for relieving chronic fatigue syndrome.

Thermal Park of AIX-Les-Bains is located in the centre of the city. It was created in the former garden surrounding the castle. Now this building houses the town hall of AIX-Les-Bains. During its long history the castle had to serve, and the defense of the city was part of the fortifications), and be privately owned in the fifteenth century, was purchased and converted into a house. In the second half of the XIX century the building was acquired by the municipal authorities for their needs, and later, the landmark received the status of historical monument. Not so long ago in the castle were restored. Alley spring Park planted with old trees all broken graceful flower gardens, and in the open theatre of the Park in the summer are held various cultural and musical events. Another decoration of the Park is the fountain. But the main feature of the Park is the thermal bath, they for several centuries attracted the resort of monarchs and wealthy aristocrats.

Historical centre of AIX-Les-Bains, which is a thermal Park, was built mansions in the style of "Belle Epoque", something where you can see traces of Roman architecture. Other attractions of the resort are the casino Grand Secl", Museum of painting of Jean-Faure, which is a magnificent collection of impressionist paintings. However, the main attraction of this resort region is located outside the city is lake Bourget, which focused all the activities.