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Montpellier's arc de Triomphe: photo description (Arc de triomphe)

The triumphal arch, also called the gate peyrous, is one of the main symbols of the city of Montpellier. The main decoration of the arches are medallions, on which were depicted various achievements of king Louis XIV, for example, the construction of the canal du MIDI between the Mediterranean sea and the Garonne river, the abolition of the edict of Nantes or one of its foreign policy victories.

It is a monumental structure in honor of Louis XIV was built in the late XVII century, and some of his jewelry appeared in the early XVIII century. On the face of the arch worked for several architects: the project was developed by françois d ' Orbay, supervised the construction of Charles-Augustin Dávila, and the medallions were created based on sketches by Philippe Bertrand. The initiator of its construction was made by the Marshal de Broglie, Governor of Languedoc. François d ' Orbay created the project of the arch in Montpellier immediately after the completion of the gates of Paris in Saint-Denis, so in these two facilities find a lot in common.

For the construction of the arch used the local Shelly limestone, which was quarried in the vicinity of Montpellier. The decoration rustavy stone, and in addition to the medallions on the arch also was placed the coat of arms of Montpellier and engraved dedication to the king-"the sun". The size of the arch was 15 meters high and 18 meters wide. Its design includes a Central arched doorway and two imitations of arches to the left and right of it.

In Montpellier the arch is located on the Esplanade peyrous, it is not the center of the city, but most of his high place. The arch is adjacent to the square is another landmark, dedicated to Louis XIV - in the middle, stands a statue of him. One side of the arch facing the street Foch.