/ / Arc de Triomphe Porte d Ex: photos, description (Porte d'aix)

Arc de Triomphe Porte d Ex: photos, description (Porte d'aix)

Arc de Triomphe Porte d AIX Marseille built on the site of the ancient gate, where was a road connecting this city with other important trading item - Axe, the modern AIX-EN-Provence.

It is worth noting that ancient gate stood until the first half of the nineteenth century. Gate of the axe was part of the old city fortifications, which simultaneously was part of the Roman aqueduct. In 1660 Marcel visited the famous "sun king" - Louis XIV and it was then decided to modernize the city and to get rid of dilapidated ancient buildings.

The original project new gate was conceived in 1784 - a year after the conclusion of the Paris Treaty, marking the end of the American war for independence, which this triumphal arch was to be dedicated. However, the outbreak of the French revolution postponed construction for 30 years. The first stone of the new building was only laid in 1825, and three years later was finally destroyed ancient Roman aqueduct.

In the end, the arc de Triomphe in Port d'aix, was built in 1839 and was dedicated to all the victories of the French army, including during the French expedition in Spain in 1823. The arch is built in the style of classicism according to the drawings of the known French architect Michel-Robert Penso with many years of experience in Marseille. Penso, in turn, was guided by the example of the ancient Roman triumphal arches, especially Arches of Titus, Trajan and Constantine in Rome.

In the arch are depicted the various struggles in which was involved the French, including the famous battle of Austerlitz. At the top and on the Northern facade of the arch is several sculptural groups depicting allegorical figures. Unfortunately, due to poor quality of construction material at the moment, there are only four such statues. The upper part of the arch supported by four powerful Corinthian columns.

Interestingly, the structure is an almost perfect square - the height and width of the building is 18 meters. Arc de Triomphe Porte d AIX is located within walking distance from the main train station of Marseilles.