/ / The path of Nietzsche: photos, description (Chemin de Nietzsche)

The path of Nietzsche: photos, description (Chemin de Nietzsche)

To explore this attraction, the tourist will need a strong shoes, because the trail of Nietzsche is a narrow rocky mountain path climb which takes about six hours. Those who lack good physical shape, it is recommended to make a descent on the trail, not climbing.

Writer and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche lived in this mountain village on the Cote d'azur for almost 18 years with a few interruptions, since 1883. He often made trips between the two parts of the resort village of Eze, its historical centre and the coastal part, which are now private residences and narrow beach. For the time that the writer spent in Eze, had written several works, including the novel "thus spoke Zarathustra". They say that in Nietzsche spent eight hours daily.

Length of the trail is about eight hundred meters it leads from the top 400-meter high mountain where is the mountain village of Eze. On some sections of the trail you can see stone steps, plus a sign with the name of the trail - this path has no other decorations or accessories to facilitate the way up. But scarabosio it will be rewarded by beautiful views and other attractions of the mountain village.

In the upper part of Eze is also located the ruins of an ancient fortress, garden of exotic plants, which is dominated by cacti and which has two viewing platforms. The narrow cobbled streets of the village are built of old stone houses, where you can find many souvenir shops and cafes. A walk through the village will take even less time than climbing to her on the trail of Nietzsche.