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The Capitole de Toulouse: photo description (Capitole de Toulouse)

The city administration building in Toulouse is a town hall, and city hall and the Capitol. In his place at the end of the XII century was built the Palace, then the seat of the Chapter member of the town Council and therefore the building itself began to be called the Capitol.

The Capitol building is located on the main square of Toulouse, which is accordingly called the square of the Capitol. The current building was erected in the XVIII century out of traditional local building material - bricks special red-pink hue. On the facade of the Capitol, whose length is 135 meters, you can see eight pillars - these were installed by the number of urban Chapter. Their emblems were placed on wrought iron railings of the balconies of the building. The construction of the Capitol was directed by the architect Guillaume Kamm, and in the next century his colleague eugène violle-Le-Duc not only restored almost completely destroyed by a fire in the building, but also complements his ensemble belfry and a tower-donjon.

Also in the XIX century was made the present interiors, the decor of which represents a certain artistic value. In the halls of the Palace houses many beautiful works, one of the halls, which now hold the wedding, is decorated with paintings by Jean Gervais. Another room, something like a hall of fame dedicated to the great people of the Capitol - there are busts of famous residents of Toulouse, and the walls are painted by artists. The length of this hall is 60 meters. In addition, there is a memorial marble plaque in the hall of the municipality contain records of all the governors of Toulouse in the eighteenth century.

The municipal authorities of Toulouse share this magnificent Palace to the Opera house, which is located here since 1818, concert-Symphony hall and a tour Desk.