/ / Toulouse Cathedral cathédrale Saint-étienne: photo description (Cathedrale Saint-Etienne de Toulouse)

Toulouse Cathedral cathédrale Saint-étienne: photo description (Cathedrale Saint-Etienne de Toulouse)

The popular name of the main temple of Toulouse - "the unfinished Cathedral". Despite centuries of construction and reconstruction of the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne remained unfinished.

This is one of the oldest buildings in Toulouse. The first chapel on its place was built the III century to the IX century it has evolved, and in the second half of the XI century in its place began to build a new Romanesque Church. The building is in Romanesque style and stood for a short time - in 30-e years of the next century it was razed to the ground a large fire, keeping only the underground crypt and part of the tower. In the first half of the XIII century the building began to be restored in the Gothic style, but after 20 years after work began, there was a new fire, which halted the reconstruction.

Built at this time apse for the second half of the XIII century, the new Bishop of Toulouse, the Lille Beturn ordered to demolish, and in its place build a large chorus. Then work on the construction of the temple was suspended because of the war and resumed after the mid-fifteenth century. In 20-ies of the XVI century, the tower of the transept was topped with a heavy spire.

In the XVII century to the Romanesque and Gothic parts of the Church added the decorative elements in the Baroque style sculptures, pillars and pilasters. These three architecture, mixed in the appearance of the building, creating an unusual effect - the building of the Cathedral does not seem eclectic, but their combination does not look too good.

The interior of the Cathedral is decorated with stained glass Windows and tapestries. Most of the stained glass Windows were created in the XIX century, but one of them survived from the XIII century. One of the facades is decorated with a rose window where you can see the stained glass Windows of the XVI century. Tapestries date back to the XVI-XVII centuries.

The Toulouse Cathedral is located in the homonymous square and is an active Church.