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Tournemire: photos, description (Tournemire)

Tournemire is a picturesque medieval village situated to the South of the centre of France, in the Auvergne region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to only 141 people. Distance from the French capital city of Paris is 430 kilometers. The settlement is located on the hills, with maximum altitude greater than 1000 metres.

This small village became a battleground between two influential families - de Tournemire and d Anjoy that have a distant relationship. I wonder what kind of d Anjoy could not boast of noble birth - they were originally only wealthy merchants, furriers, who was granted a title of nobility only in the XV century. Most likely, this factor was the reason for the strife between them. It is known that in 1623 in the town even held a real bloody duel - three against three.

However, both families left its other traces in the city. Well preserved the Anjoy castle, built in the early XV century. It is a powerful dungeon with four small towers at the edges. Despite the fact that the building is fortified in the XVIII century it was added to another set of fortifications. As for the interior decoration of the castle, it is worth noting the wooden paneling of the XVIII century and the frescos of the XVI century.

From the residence de Tournemire only preserved former castle chapel of St. John the Baptist. After the castle was burned, it became a separate parish Church and received another name - the Church of the Holy cross (Sainte-Croix). It was built in the XIII century and completed in Romanesque style. At the beginning of the XV century it was enlarged by adding six small chapels.

In addition, Tournemire-preserved medieval stone houses, giving the town a single unique look.