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Turin: photos, description (Turenne)

The main attraction of the small medieval village of Turin - the remains of an ancient castle, built in IX-XIII centuries. The castle is located on top of a hill, so his dark ruins towering over the village and the countryside. From the castle survived a couple of towers and a Square tower of Caesar. In the premises the first was a former guard, the mint and the court.

The castle was a possession of Turanov in the first half of the IX century, around this fortified castle gradually on the slopes of the hill by the village. In the middle of the XVIII century Turin was destroyed by order of the king, accordingly, and went to the castle - for example, the height of Square towers fell by almost half, from 30 to 17 metres.

For the convenience of visitors in the tower of Caesar had arranged a viewing platform, and next to the castle built guest house, where you can stop for a bit. Besides the castle, in Turenne you can see the Church of the XVIII century and other historic structures.

Currently Turin municipality located in the Department of corrèze of the Limousin region, is among the most beautiful villages in the country. Municipality whose history goes back more than ten centuries, carefully supports the spirit of the middle Ages for its cobbled and narrow streets. They, by the way, you will almost never see cars. And if local residents entry to the village is still allowed, for tourists there is a complete ban on the use of vehicles. The permanent population Turina - at least eight people. One of the neighbouring cities of Tulle.