/ / Street Palais: photo description (Rue du Palais)

Street Palais: photo description (Rue du Palais)

Walk along the Rue du Palais La Rochelle allows you to combine business with pleasure, namely, the shopping and the study of traditional urban development.

The street begins from the Old port - the place where appeared the first buildings of La Rochelle, and leads to the square Verdun. On Rue du Palais which is the main shopping street of La Rochelle and the pedestrian are many cafés and shops.

Parallel to the Rue du Palais were built the Rue Mercier, in the blocks between them you can see the houses of the medieval buildings, covered with "branded" La rachelevsky tiles in the shape of fish scales. The lower part of many houses decorated with arcades, which were intended to shelter from the rain. Also on Rue du Palais is not a rare half-timbered houses and luxurious mansions of the Renaissance. If we consider the house on Rue du Palais, you will notice many interesting details, for example, gutters, decorated with figures of gargoyles. Thanks to this architectural diversity of the street du Palais was recognized as a special and became one of the main attractions of La Rochelle.

Location street du Palais allows you to explore its historic streets and attractions of the city. So, leads du Palais La Rochelle to the gate of the Grosse Horloge. Large clock tower was built in the XII century and separated the territory of the Old port from residential areas.

Near the du Palais street run, which also presents the history of urban architecture - from the luxurious mansion of Henry the Second street Augustine (mid XVI century) to the more modest houses of the ship-owners of La Rochelle on the street, l'escale. On the street Fromentin most notable building, the facade of which is decorated with sculptures of the most famous physicians in history, Dating back to ancient Greek Hippocrates. The du temple leads to the city hall, a very remarkable building in the Renaissance style.